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The Night Stalkers: Top Secret Missions of the U.S. Army's Special Operations Aviation Regiment From The Authors Of The Bestselling In The Company Of Heroes Come The Thrilling, Never Before Heard Stories Of The Army S Elite Aviation Unit, The Most Daring And Professional Helicopter Crews In The World In His First Book, Michael Durant Told His Harrowing Tale Of Being Shot Down In His Blackhawk Over Mogadishu And Held Captive By A Somali Warlord It Was A Remarkable Account, Particularly Because Special Operations Pilots Are Notoriously Reticent They Don T Talk About Their Missions, At Least Not To Anyone Outside Their Small Community But Now, With The Publication Of The Night Stalkers, Durant And Steven Hartov Shed A Fascinating Light On These Mysterious Super Commandos And Take Readers Into A World They Have Only Imagined From Iran To Grenada To Iraq, The Th SOAR A Has Been At The Point Of The Spear And In The Thick Of Combat, Delivering And Supporting Delta Operators, Rangers, And SEAL Teams To Any Target, At Any Point On The Globe, In All Weather Night Or Day Simply Put, They Are The Best Of The Best, And Here For The First Time Are Their Hair Raising True Stories Of Battle, Capture, Victory, And Loss

10 thoughts on “The Night Stalkers: Top Secret Missions of the U.S. Army's Special Operations Aviation Regiment

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    The book readslike a biography of the men and women in the 160th SOAR rather than an operational history of the unit The book cover flap says never before heard stories and Top Secret Missions of the US Army s SOAR but so far, the

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    From time to time, I didn t like the tone of this book, because it felt the author was glorifying the characters in the book a little too much That said howdver, it is a good read on how this unit was formed, and some of the highlights of t

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    This is an excellently organized and engaging history of the Night Stalkers outfit As a chronological anthology, many of the stories offer heroic glimpses into famous missions, such as those in Mogadishu and at Robert s Ridge Other, less well known m

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    Good lessons on humility and bravery They are extremely disciplined but know how to have fun, which melds the team evenTrain like you fight is a huge takeaway Some of the most heroic stories I ve ever read Full of excitement and details about mission sets for

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    Enjoyed this look into TF 160 s history, operations, and pilots Book took the format of a series of vignettes told by pilots illustrating operations the unit has been involved in over its history.

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    If you have any interest in Army Aviation then this is the book for you Army pilots, development of aircraft and tactics, it s a great book

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    I d give it four stars but the man who read the audiobook left a lot to be desired.

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    GreatIntriguing Held my interest No over the top language i didn t understand about the helicopters Just fantastic writing about fantastic men doing amazing things.

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    Recently I have just read the novel Night Stalkers by Michael J Durant and Steven Hartov It was a great novel, but it wasn t much of a novel as muchit was a collection of biographies These biographies were all of a elite group of super militiamen and women They are part of a group known as the Night Stalkers

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    very interesting,, if you want to know about combat missions,, great reading

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