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The Werewolf Principle My favourite thing about this book was probably the cover However, i did also enjoy the talking houses and the brownies, who were super cute It had a lot going for it, some good ideas, but lacked style, and the love story was defo forced, c mon the guy s part wolf or whatever and not one item of c One of the universally appealing Simak, perhaps Many of the ideas could have been conceived by other writers But only Simak s House would have offered not wallpaper that s a collage of thousands of eyes, when requested to change it from a woodland scene featuring a bunny, and only Simak s Kitchen would have pouted because the resident asked for ham n eggs instead of lobster thermidor And only in a Simak novel would our hero go trout fishing and wind up feeding most of his picnic to a not Brownie And even the politics were interesting, how the two Senato Endri Bleik , Surast U Aldyt Kapsul Je Tolimoje Planetoje, Parve A Em Jam Per 200 Met , Masto Ir Elgiasi Jis Kaip Mogus Ta Iau Netrukus Suvokia, Kad Jo Smegenyse Gyvena Dvi B Tyb S Keistas Biologinis Kompiuteris Ir Vilk Primenantis Padaras Pastarajam U Vald Ius K N , Bleikas Pab Ga I Ligonin S, Kad Pagaliau Atskleist Savo Praeities Paslaptis. Simak has written some of the best science fiction out there Way Station and City were both fantastic The Werewolf Principle was not It takes place in the future Scientists had created a humanoid being with the ability to morph into something else so we could send it out into space and if it found a planet with life, it could mo Was it just to surprise myself when I chose to re read The Werewolf Principle by Clifford D Simak I have pleasant memories of reading a couple of Simaks at the same time in the 70s and picked this one at random for a revisit.Though published in the 1960s, it reads like a 1950s novel when it comes to multiple predictions about the futureyes, the ever popular flying cars and space travel, though people still have to walk across the room to answer a phone with optional visualsand the then popular small cast of characters, but that s just at first glance As with many of Simak s stories, there is to it.In essence Simak is a down to earthsorry, couldn t resist that with a SF writerman from rural Wisconsin born 110 years ago who began publishing in the 30s He was a humanist through and through, and a religious man though the latter has never caused an athei Back in my university days, I took a Science Fiction novel course One of the books we read was City, a story of the future where all that remains on Earth are dogs and robots A beautiful, engaging, touching story For some reason, I ve never read another Simak book, until this past week The Werewolf Principle, written in 1968, was a lovely surprise In the future, mankind sent ships into space to search the universe for habitable planets Along with the ships were two unique humans maybe telling you their uniqueness might take some of the joy of discovering it for yourselves, so I won t elaborate Suffice it to say, that one of them returns to Earth, discovered in hibernation in a capsule Andrew Blake arrives, suffering from amnesia Slowly he discovers himself and how he has changed over this 200 year journey He is now than Andrew Blake Discovering how he has changed is part of the joy of this book such an imaginative concept I found myself saying Wow many times The book is thoughtfully crafted, intelligently written and the story and characters are all interesting and engaging It s so nice exploring Science Fiction again, the imagination and the stories I do like how Simak views the future, some concepts like the living homes are fascinating, and, yet, people still use coins and public phone boxes I also liked the Brownies, the beings from another world who have settled on Earth and keep an eye on thing In the middle distant future, Andrew Blake, discovered on a distant planet huddled inside a capsule, is brought back to Earth suffering from total amnesia.Over 200 years old, he thinks and acts like a man but becomes frighteningly aware of two alien beings that lurk within his body a strange biological computer and a wolf like animal With the latter in control he breaks out of hospital to look for his past Blurb from the 1977 Pan paperback editionSeveral hundred years hence, Man has colonised the nearer stars A political debate is in progress in which Senator Chandler Horton is proposing to abandon long term and expensive plans for terraforming in favour of adapting humans to fit the planets His rival, Senator Solomon Stone is taking the exact opposite view, suggesting that standard humans would regard such adapted people as abhorrent monsters.Into this world Andrew Blake awakens, a man with no knowledge of his past, and whose worldview seems to be two hundred years behind everyone else s.In this somewhat surreal future, men wear kilts and robes, houses fly about to settle in whatever plot takes their resident s fancy and quite annoyingly, one imagines the various rooms have different personalities and argue with each other over what is best for their occupants.Blake so 40 years old and current than ever Upon turning the final page of this powerful novel, 21st century readers of The Werewolf Principle will likely set the book down slack jawed with amazement at Simak s thoughtful, prescient exploration of genetic engineering, a scientific field of endeavour that, unheard of a scant 40 years ago, now reaches front page headlines on a regular basis.Space travel as technology is now several hundred years old But, currently debate is raging in the Senate over a proposal for a program of bio engineering as a basis for the colonization of other solar systems Is it better to force the planet to fit the man through terra forming or to bio engineer the man and mold his abilities to withstand hostile alien environments There are those that feel the results of such a modification would somehow be less than human or may even be perceived as a monster.But neither side to this debate is aware of Andrew Blake Two hundred years earlier, this problem had already been faced and resolved at that time by producing a synthetic human an android with the imprint of a fully human mind that would be capable of absorbing the form and mind of any alien culture it might encounter The mission that carried Blake to the stars had been lost and the Space Administration reached the decision to formally bury any reference to the project as a regrettable failure Luck and happenstance have now returned Blake to earth into the middle of the current debate and the worl This was actually a much enjoyable book on this re read than it was on the first reading A lot of that is a mood thing, I know, but The Werewolf Principle is an odd sort of book in a lot of ways.This classic sci fi novel has an elegant old school writing style that is philosophical and in a way insular it is very much a first person point of view and that person is a synthetic man The goals of the book seem philosophical and exploratory than thrilling, so the title ends up feeling a bit misleading if you do not start out knowing what it is about The narrative meanders through self analysis, self doubt and the boundaries of humanity, what we are, what we could be There is no screaming and rending under the full moon.Our main character, Andrew Blake, was discovered in cryogenic sleep in outer space, no one is sure who he was or how he got there, lest of all himself Slowly Blake s fascinating story emerges along with the information that he is not all alone in his mind.While the story is inclined to waffle on a bit, at times, and the philosophy of Thinker can be a bit dated, on the whole it is a very satisfying story with a surprisingly decent ending view spoiler The werewolf principle of the title relates to a bioengineering term in the book which allows open end changing of androids synthetic men to allow to incorporate characteristics of alien races they come into contact with to better understand them One of the aliens that gets incorpora I am beginning to like Clifford D Simak and His Way Station was magnificent, and The Werewolf Principle, while not so good, has moments of sheer brilliance plus a brilliant ending.Two hundred years before, man created an android for space exploration It was not according to plan, but this android became three creatures in one the human, called Changer, who contained a mind transfer of a brilliant earth scientist a kind of wolf with arms, called Quester and a somewhat amorphous almost purely intellectual creature, called Thinker When the android comes back to earth, he is hunted down.I won t say here what happens, but it is a great ending, perhaps Simak s best Earth wanted to get rid of him, perhaps afraid of him, perhaps merely disgusted by him, a loathsome product of its own ambitions and imagin

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He was honored by fans with three Hugo awards and by colleagues with one Nebula award and was named the third Grand Master by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America SFWA in 1977 Wikipedia See

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