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Wicked Weekend (Pleasure Code, #1) Beta Dom This was a miss for me Too superficial to really draw me into the story.Jamie obviously had a backstory that was never developed He is just too beta to come over as a real dom.Lauren does a fast 180 from pining over a lost opportunity at lov It was ok There wasn t much plot, just a whole lot of education into the BDSM Scene Girl walks into a barnot really, she was already theresees hot guy Sees his black one night I m a bossy top black hanky hanging out of his back pocket They hook up Negotiate terms hmm Sounds interesting go do their scene He kinda lik 3.75 I d read this a couple of years ago and remembered it fondly I somehow bought it on sale got the AB I took a break from my current read, which was getting a bit heavy, and this was exactly what I needed A sweet, barely kinky, and well narrated book, which kept me entertained while I cooked The story takes place during a weekend bachelor bachelorette in a Las Vegas ski resort for Lauren s sister As usual our girl is being relegated to wallflower by her all eyes on me baby sis, so Lauren decides to take break from the group by idling at the hotel bar Jamie Forman is there with friends from the Cave, a BDSM club he belongs to, and the rest is HOT weekend fun It turns out that our sweet Lauren has read quite extensively about BDSM, and now that the opportunity presents itself, she jumps in with both feet I m generally not a big fan of M F BDSM, but this is really a case of some toppy ness from Jamie, some sweet spanking, some dirty talk, and a couple of nipple clamps It s adorable I liked that Lauren goes with the flow even when she s feeling insecure about her body image and that by the end, in her own low key way she settles things with her bratty sister and that it s not Jamie coming to her r I really loved this book , so funny and gripping, and has a good stance at familly affairs It was Jamie Dom and Lauren s sub meeting story Lauren has a crush her coworker but unfortunately she is the agent of her sister and this coworker meeting, now they getting ready to marry and Lauren feels deppressed But the unexpected happens and a sexy Dom makes an apperance and suggest her a fling What i liked about this book is Jamie s imagination and his barter with Simon and of couse how he approaches her.About Lauren she know was she getting herself into, i liked mo Wicked Weekend is a short novella about Lauren Vaughn s fantasy of BDSM and the man she meets who helps fulfill it Lauren sees herself as too curvy and always lost in her little sister s shadow When the story starts, we find her at her sister s bachelorette party, as her sister prepares to marry the man Lauren has had a crush on forever Needing escape, she ends up at the bar of the restaurant, where she spots Jamie and the handkerchief hanging out of his pocket She lingers on it, but doesn t make a move and doesn t think anything will come of it, until Jamie approaches her What happens next is the best night of her life Her introduction to BDSM leaves her wanting and of Jamie She can t stop thinking about him now, and accepts his offer for another night But this time, it doesn t go as plannedas Jamie s history comes back to haunt him and taint the experience.Both Lauren and Jamie were easily likable, as well as Sawyer, Jamie s friend and Lauren s idol in the BDSM world Lauren has issues with self confidence, and seems to find an inner strength through her encounter with Jamie And Jamie has issues with relationships, due to his family history Both don t count on the heat and reaction to each other turning into wanting something than just a sexual fling 2.5 starsNo much to say about this It was short and just okay The steaminess was pretty hot The first time I ve really read about a Dom who is kinda wussy, and I don t know if it was refreshing or annoying The sub was a BBW and very insecure What a pair, no I just don t know what he saw in her There s a big difference between being a submissive and being an insecure girl woman who let s others walk all over her I wouldn t recommend or reread t WICKED WEEKEND was full of promise and way too quick Exactly like a real weekend While attending a joint bachelor bachelorette party for her sister and her soon to be husband, single Lauren can barely stomach the lovey dovey, PDA they force all who surround them to endure What makes the situation even tougher to withstand, is the fact that the man her sister is marrying also happens to be the only man Lauren has lusted after her entire life Mental Pity Party Time All she can think about is escaping the antics of her attention whore of a sister, so when the opportunity arises, Lauren escapes to the bar in hopes of grabbing a moment of peace to regain her composure The great escape to the bar turns out to be the beginning of a very naughty and very WICKED WEEKEND when Lauren spots an Adonis at the bar, flagging a black handkerchief the classic sign apparently for people in the lifestyle to display when looking for a no strings attached fling with a submissive Well H E L L O The handsome stranger, Jamie, is just what the doctor ordered and may be the perfect distraction to help her get through the love fest of a weekend that s ahead of her.This novella had a great premise and I really enjoyed it, but it felt a little rushed in some areas I would have loved to have seen a little development between the characters, Lauren and Jamie, but it was a fun story even as a quickie Copy provided by the author publisher via NetGalley for an honest review. Revie I don t read too many Erotica novels Not because I have anything against them, my poison of choice just happens to be YA paranormal romances , but of all those that I have had the pleasure ot reading, Wicked Weekend was by far the best.A delicious novella about a woman who has to, unfortunately, put up with the fact that her sister is about to marry the hunky co worker she used to drool over Lauren made the mistake of introducing her younger, sexier, bitchier sister to the man of her dreamsor so she thought he was.A joint bachelor ette weekend away means Lauren has to suffer through the constant lovey dovey display put on by the soon to be married couple However, she will soon discover that the weekend doesn t have to be a total disaster Jamie Forman is just the thing she needs to distract her He is gorgeous and sexy, and when Jamie shows interest in her, Lauren can hardly believe her luck.A night of unbridled passion brings out the inner bad girl in Lauren, and she finds herself wanting than just a single night in the arms of Jamie The question is, can either of them spend another night together, without wanting than just a casual weekend of fun I loved Lauren Even though she starts off believing she is not worthy of someone as smouldering as Jamie, she throws caution to the wind and in the process discovers her inner strength I especially enjoyed Lauren s reaction to her very first encounter with BDSM Trying to be brave, she is still as sc This was a quick, sexy story that was a lot of fun Lauren was looking for a way out of her life for a short time Jamie was looking for some fun Lauren thinks she knows what she s getting into with Jamie, but ends up getting a whole lot than she bargained for Jamie opened her mind to a world she had only dreamed of before I loved this story enough to wish it had been longer There was definitely enough hotness there for a full length bo Why Did Lauren Vaughn Introduce Her Sister To The Man She Herself Was Crazy About Now Lauren Is Watching The Happy Couple At Their Combined Bachelor Bachelorette Party While Lauren Sits All Alone At The Bar Until She Spots A Hot Stranger With The Telltale Black Handkerchief In His Pocket The Signal For Seeks No Strings Affair With Sexy Submissive Lauren Can T Take Her Eyes Off Him So When He Comes Over, She Kicks Her Inner Good Girl To The Curb And Follows Jamie Forman To His Room, Where He Makes Her Scream With Pleasure All Night Long.But Jamie Is A Complicated Man He Can T Handle How Desperately He Wants Her In His Bed And His Life It S Up To Lauren To Teach Him How To Make All Night Last Forever.25,000 Words

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GILLIAN ARCHER has a bachelor s degree in mining engineering but prefers to spend her time on happily ever after She writes the kind of stories she loves to read the hotter the better When she s not pounding away on the keyboard, she can be found chasing her preschooler, or surfing the couch and indulging in her latest reality TV fixation, or reading awesome romance ebooks by her favorite author

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