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The Mistress (Kings of Cardenas #3.5) Secrets, parenthood, second chances, desperation and electrifying chemistry are intricately woven facets of Elise Marion s latest release Strong and determined characters, a journey of understanding, second chances and uplifting strength surround these multi faceted characters that take a reader through powerful ups and downs and learning to live again I enjoyed Rafe and Davina very much, they re characters who jumped off the page and into my heart Ms Marion weaves such as an amazing romance, it was so fulfilling to read the first time, and I wanted to read it again right away I do not read a lot of historical romances, simply because it s not my genre of choice, but I absolutely recommend THE MISTRESS for all readers who love an awesome romance penned by a very talented author.This book was provided to me by the author for an honest opinion, and I was not compensated in any way. ARC received in exchange for an honest review.Release Day Blitz The Mistress by Elise Marion Historical Romance Oct 13, at Mistress Kings of Cardenas 4 is my first read by Elise Marion and I must say I was very impressed I have never been one to read historical romances, but this one caught my interest I just couldn t resist the story of a beautiful young woman born into high society turned courtesan, but not just any old plan courtesan Davina Keane is a courtesan to a prince and then the wife to a king Now she is a penniless widow and on the verge of prostitution Davina is not your ordinary damsel in distress This woman has survived on her own with a backbone of steel and a cutthroat determination With her highly tuned skills of manipulation she is determined to forge a new life and find a new husband, by accepting a deal of sorts Marriage to Rafe Rothwell and his children the notorious Racous Rothwells Boy is she in for a surprise I must say I really enjoyed the characters and plot to this beautifully written romance It had everything I look for in a book Lies, betrayal, loss, heartache, drama and HOT steamy love scenes of course But what I really LOVED about this book was the snarky, witty comments and conversations between Davina and her best friend Meredith This truly added to the story and to Davina s character.All in all I would highly recommend The Mistress and look forward to picking up books 1, 2, 3 in the Kings of Cardenas series. A beautiful little girl was born to a wealthy man in town all he saw was his future bloodline and wealth being wasted away a female heir and a wife who was now barren as time went by that little girl he ignored, the one he felt repulsed by turned into a beautiful young lady a lady of age to be married and the highest bidder will bid for his daughters handDavina had a different idea of what would happen to her life she was a free spirit wanted to be married for love not to have an arranged marriage like her father wanted her to she decides to take matters into her own hands do whatever it takes to be who SHE wants to be not what her father wants her to beOnce a queen to the King, she was banished for a crime of love forced to marry a man she didnt want she finds herself being the misstress to the world until she decides its enough she wants to be someone and be taken cared ofRaphael Rothwell was in desperate need of a wife and mother for his 3 children he also had a secret that prevented him from really loving anyoneDavina was in desperate need to become someones wife but she was not expecting to fall in love Beth, William and Tess won her heart over from the moment she fought with Will and Beth over their attitudesI would have loved to see the relationship develop a little but overall it was a great book with moments of love, sorrow and healing I enjoyed the story You really have empathy for the fallen heroine and the broken hero. As a fan of this series, I didn t know how the author was going to make the readers like Davina and make her a sympathetic character.But as in life, we shouldn t judge others until we ve walked a mile in their shoes We don t know what experiences someone has had to make them the way they are, and that is exactly what happened with Davina.The last time we saw her, she was a terrible person and her actions were despicable But what we didn t know were the circumstances that made her the person she is.This is a story about second chances for all the characters in the book The author has done an incredible job with this installment of the KOC Series If I could give it stars, I would. I loved this spinoff Davina is seen in a different light in this book We get to know her past and how things were for her Well told Great emotions Great characters Very enjoyable. A highborn woman whose only life choice was to marry a man three times her age, Davina chose her own path and became a famous royal courtesan But poor choices ruin her position and she is once again forced to make tough decisions Read full review in the 2013 Dec Jan Holiday issue of InD tale Magazine. Previously published as The Mistress Re released in 2019 with all new content, edits, cover, and titleI first met Davina in The Rogue Prince I disliked her intensely as I thought her conniving manipulative so when I received this copy I was intrigue to see if she could be redeemed Davina has suffered in the last seven years since her banishment, first in a marriage of convenience then as a widow fallen on hard times having to work as a seamstress before being let go now her only option apart from prostitution is marrying Rafe I liked Rafe who was still grieving for his first wife Hannah he was struggling with his three children I started to like Davina when she used unconventional methods to bring the children into line these had me laughing Her handling of Beth was lovely gradually I grew to like her The relationship between Rafe Davina quickly grew from convenience to liking to love I m glad Rafe got his wake up call managed to save Davina.Whilst this novella could be read on its own I d recommend reading The Rogue Prince first to fully appreciate how much Davina had changed A Disgraced CourtesanOnce The Mistress Of A Prince, And Then The Wife Of A King, Davina Keane Now Finds Herself Divorced And Banished From Cardenas Now A Penniless Widow, She Faces A Life Of Poverty Prostitution Being Her Only Other Option Besides Living On The Street Desperate To Save Herself, She Makes One Final Attempt At Forging A New Life By Marriage To Rafe Rothwell A Broken WidowerWith Three Children To Raise Alone, Rafe Has Been Looking For A Wife To Help Manage His Broken Home It S Too Bad No One Will Have Him, As He And His Children Known Notoriously As The Raucous Rothwells Have A Reputation For Being Difficult To Manage He S Long Given Up His Search When Davina Keane Appears At His Door, Seemingly Prepared To Take On The Role Though His Needs Are Practical At First, Rafe Finds Himself Faced With The Truth He Wants From Her Than Just A Manager Of His Home And Hearth A Unexpected Love As An Arrangement Of Convenience Becomes Something , Davina Is Faced With The Possibility Of Losing Her Husband Over The Truth Of A Past She Kept Secret When Entering The Marriage Will Love Be Enough To Erase The Mistakes Of Her Past, Or Will They Threaten To Upend Her Newfound Happiness Previously Published As The Mistress Re Released In With All New Content, Edits, Cover, And Title Royals Of Cardenas Reading Order Book One The Rogue Prince Book Two The Awakened Prince Coming March Book Three The Lady Warriors Of Barony Coming May Book Four Wild Gypsy Rose Coming July Book Five The Gypsy Lord Coming September Bonus Novella The Courtesan Royals Of Cardenas Series Keywords Historical Romance Victorian Era Historical Fantasy Royalty And Aristocrats Fairytale Mystery Romantic Suspense

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Elise Marion is a lover books and has a special place in her heart for sweet and sensual romance Writing about love across all walks of life is her passion, as is reaching people through the written word The Army wife and stay at home mother of two spends most of her time taking care of her children Her second job includes writing stories about characters that people can fall in love with When

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