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Warriors Prisoner In A Time Before Written Records Were Kept, On A World Similar To Ours, There Were Four Kingdoms In A Land With Two Suns Eons Of Feuding And Warfare Had Made Some Disciplined And Others Bitter One Kingdom, The Gierrer, Were Centered Amid Three Others And Natural Selection Made Them Strong And Large To Be Able To Defend Their Lands And People From The Esbiorn To The North Princess Runa Of The Esbiorn Had Heard Horror Stories Of The Gierrer And When Her Father Gave Her Hand In Unity To Another Warring Kingdom The Only Way To Her Intended Was Through The Gierrer Lands, Her Father S Brutal Enemy They Were Captured And And She Caught The Interest Of The Largest Fiercest Man She D Ever Seen To Save Her Sister And Her Mother She Pledged Loyalty Her Life Started To Unravel And She Discovered That Not Everything Was As It Seemed Note Sexual Content And Some Graphic Scenes 3.5 starsOn the way to her arranged marriage in a foreign land, Princess Runa s party is ambushed by native warriors, the Gierar Runa makes an oath of body and soul to their King, Bothvar in an attempt save her mother and sister Unbeknownst to Runa, Gierar people are bonded by the female initiating an oath to the male and if the male accepts, it is a bond unto death Following his instincts and his appreciation to her rare fair headed beauty, he accepts her oath and sends her mother and sister back home even though it was always his plan to release them Runa s people, the Esboirn treat women like dogs They may not look at men in their eyes, they sit at their feet and are beaten frequently Runa thinks she is now Bothvar s slave but in reality she is his Queen There is much to the story but I won t go into detail I enjoyed this book I thought the heroine was too Mary Sue She was unusually beautiful and everyone stared at her because of it, she s selfless and perfect and everyone loves her, blah, blah, blah The progression of the romantic storylines between characters happened too fast to be fully believable Bothvar, the hero, was uber possessive and jealous to the extreme H This book is what I would call sci fi maybe fantasy but not truly sure how to identify genre It is focused mainly on two kingdoms but two are mentioned Gierrer and Esbiorn are the main kingdoms the story focuses on The king of Eisbiorn is trying to combine his kingdom s strength with another kingdom against Gierrer by marrying off his oldest daughter Runa but her transport is intercepted by the king of Gierrer Bothavar, king of Gierrer, has found out this plan but also knows about this deal then his enemy Bothavar plans to take the Runa captive to keep this deal from being completed Runa is a princess but has a cruel father and her culture is terrible to women so when captured she offers herself to Bothavar to protect her sister and mother He accepts her offer and so begins to fall for Runa Runa on the other hand is so used to mistreat is not sure what to make of th The writing was REALLY choppy and the story line kinda of bounced all over the place, but I really liked it overall The author managed to include three really sweet romance threads while still keeping the main one the most interesting an I love this author s work Read four so far and all were good. I am a total sucker for a story of kingdoms, queens, kings, warriors and battles OR accurately, for lusty kings, fierce warriors and armor clad bodies This book was tough for me to rate because I REALLY wanted to give it a higher score Warrior s Prisoner had the potential to be a 4 or 5 star read In the end, it deserved a 3 star due to the repetitiveness of the dialogue and the loss of focus on the two main characters I felt the author missed opportunities to further develop the story and heighten the suspense conflict THAT said, I devoured this book and fell in love with the characters It was a sweet and fluffy love story that had me swooning over ou Bothvar and Runa The book is like fantasy It s vaguely medieval taking place in a made up world that is mostly Earth like with 4 separate yet adjoining countries vying for power Bothvar is the king of the Gierrers and are dark haired and hugelike 7 foot tall huge Runa is the princess of the Esbiorns who are a smaller fair haired people who treat their women like less than chattel The moment Bothvar meets Runa when he intercepts their caravan through his lands, he is bewitched and takes her for his own The politics and world building is skimpy at best I did enjoy the first 60% while Runa and Bothvar get to know each other because he is so devoted and protective But then the story gets kinda choppy with huge plot holes and and many convenient plot devices Then it kinda looses the plot all together and there was no real point to the last 20% except to tie up loose ends Super boring and pointless And it really bugged me that the author had the h get a c it is rare to read such a good book and one which is given for free even rareI loved the story, it was so well written It had so much to say in only one book other authors would have lengthened it to s Bothvar and Runa.Re read 6th 8th June 2018I originally read this about 5 or 6 years ago and I loved it I ve lost track of just how many times I ve actually read it and I went on to read the rest of Lietha s books.I m not sure what s happened to me lately The older I get the less patience I have and while Runa has always annoyed me this time it drove me nuts.I think I need to stop re reading Lietha s books and keep my fond memories.Review from 2014This was the first Lietha Wards book I read, I loved it, I was hooked and I went on to read all her others.This is a fantasy book based on a fantasy world divided into four kingdoms, the warrior in the title is Bothvar from Gierrer, he and his brother Grunewald lead the huge Gierrer warriors, fierce but loyal and brave unlike their neighbours from Esbiorn Princess Runa s party is ambushed and to save her sister she pledges her loyalty to Bothvar, he accepts her oath and opens up his heart to her, she s now his Runa is so different to the Gierrer women, she s been brought up to be subservient to men and treated little better than a dog by the men of Esboirn, she s terrified at first by all these huge warriors.Li SThe book improved as it went on, and I almost gave it another star The beginning was so rote though, that I almost set it aside The characters were great and I really liked the world It was just that some of the building in the beginning was so pat that I feared the book would be a complete bust I did enjoy the last half Though it was nothing that hasn t been done, I was invest

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Warriors Prisoner book, this is one of the most wanted Lietha Wards author readers around the world.

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