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Déjà Dead (Temperance Brennan, #1) Her Life Is Devoted To Justice For Those She Never Even Knew In The Year Since Temperance Brennan Left Behind A Shaky Marriage In North Carolina, Work Has Often Preempted Her Weekend Plans To Explore Quebec When A Female Corpse Is Discovered Meticulously Dismembered And Stashed In Trash Bags, Temperance Detects An Alarming Pattern And She Plunges Into A Harrowing Search For A Killer But Her Investigation Is About To Place Those Closest To Her, Her Best Friend And Her Own Daughter In Mortal Danger

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    eh, it was okay I am a huge fan of the TV series Bones, which is loosely based off Kathy Reichs series, of which this is the first book However, I realized exactly how LOOSELY BASED the series is after reading this book what I love about the show is the romantic tension and sparkling humor and wit these book

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    Separate the tv show and this book You will be very disappointed if you come in thinking it ll be like the tv show The characters, setting, and story are drastically different However, I think this book is a lot better than the show and I liked the first seasons of Bones The lead character isbelievable She has faults

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    Honestly, I didn t like this book much during the first several chapters It s obvious she was a novice writer and her over use of metaphors drove me crazy Also, not being a French speaker, all the French slightly excessive in my opinion annoyed me a bit.I am a fan of the tv show Bones , which is based on this series of books, s

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    This was my first exposure to Kathy Reichs, and I must say, I m impressed As a fan of the TV show Bones, I found this debut novel of Dr Brennan muchenjoyable than the TV character The book had plenty of twists and turns while keeping a quick pace The only turn off for me was the French names and locationsI found it difficult to distingui

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    i was killed by curiosity like a finely tuned cat that was not, actually, one of the many similes this book is drowning in, but it may as well have been some real examples In my mind s eye I could see her standing at a pay phone, scanning her surroundings, her eyes never resting, broadcasting fear like Radio Free Europe or She was thin as soup in

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    Christ, was it a struggle to get through this book When I read up on her books onit said Better than Patricia Cornwell so I thought DAMN this MUST be good, seeing as I loved many of PC s earlier novels It sucked Not only did it suck but it sucked hardcore I was halfway through the book and still couldn t keep track of who half of the characters were I dread

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    I made it to chapter 4 of this book pg45 but really had to stop The book itself was good, don t get me wrong HOWEVER, I picked it up specifically because I totally LOVE the TV show Bones which is based off of this series of books And as everyone knows, the book s that a TV show, mini series, or movie is based upon are always better boy was I wrong.I love forensics st

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    This book is exactly as good as you d expect it to be when you buy it for 7 Euros at the airport out of desperation when you have nothing else to read and you need something to occupy your time on a 9 hour flight from Europe to the US Which is to say, it was awful.Where to even start How about with some of the terrible similes that appear every two pages or so sometimes evenfr

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    This is the first of the Temeperance Brennan books If you are looking for the Bones version of Temperance Brenna, this is not it Think of this as the original and the Bones version as being the modified version designed to be appealing to a wide television audience.In many ways Kathy Reich s books remind me of Patricia Cornwell s Or perhaps I should say Patricia Cornwell s remind me of

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    I wanted to like this a lotthan I did and that has nothing to do with differences in the Temperance Brennan of this series and the one in TV s Bones This one, after all, is the original My problems were twofold I hit overload often on the lengthy and detailed explanations of the mutilated bodies of the victims, and the overly detailed scientific and forensic descriptions Yes, we know that she s a

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