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The Surgeon (Rizzoli & Isles, #1) IN BOSTON, THERE S A KILLER ON THE LOOSEA Killer Who Targets Lone Women, Who Breaks Into Their Apartments And Performs Terrifying Ritualistic Acts Of Torture On Them Before Finishing Them Off His Surgical Skills Lead Police To Suspect He Is A Physician A Physician Who, Instead Of Saving Lives, Takes Them.But As Homicide Detective Thomas Moore And His Partner Jane Rizzoli Begin Their Investigation, They Make A Startling Discovery Closely Linked To These Killings Is Catherine Cordell, A Beautiful Doctor With A Mysterious Past Two Years Ago She Was Subjected To A Horrifying Rape And Shot Her Attacker Dead.Now The Man She Believes She Killed Seems To Be Stalking Her Once Again, And This Time He Knows Exactly Where To Find Her

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    Thriller Trigger Warning for discussion of rape.Let s review 1 He identifies and removes only the organ he wants NothingAnd what he wants is the womb He hates women, she said He cuts out the one thing that makes them women p.60 2 Ignoring the water bottle and the disgusting object it cont

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    The Surgeon is a brilliantly written medical thriller, that will have you gripped and terrified from page one until you finish the novel As a avid reader of mystery, suspense thrillers, this novel delivered so muchIt was all a game The Surgeon fed on terror He attacked women who were victims He was

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    Maura Isles is totally missing Jane Rizzoli is so much different than the TV show I am a fan of the TV show so I decided to start with book 1 I was not disappointed in the book, but it was a bit of a shock to see Rizzoli as a homely, outsider fighting for her what was due her The development of the charact..

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    The Surgeon is book one of the Rizzoli and Isles Series by Tess Gerritsen Detective Thomas Moore and Detective Jan Rizzoli caught murder of a woman whose uterus is missing Both Detective Thomas Moore and Detective Jan Rizzoli started to think is there a serial killer on the loose in their city The readers of The Surge

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    The Surgeon is a brilliantly crafted tale of horror that s just so terrifying that you can t bear not to look Seriously The story begins with a successful physician named Catherine Cordell who was nearly murdered a few years back in Savannah but lived to tell the tale because she blew her attacker away before he could finish th

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    Opening LineToday they will find her body The Surgeon has been dubbed as Rizzoli and Isles book 1 and even though this was a very good read I think anyone coming here as a fan of the TV series will be disappointed as the only similarities between the two is the name of one of the characters Maura Isles is not in this story and Rizzoli is

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    Tess Gerritsen Fans Group Link my 2nd read The first book in series Tess has medical school education at University of California With that she writes with extensive Medical terminology easily understood Her knowledge of Boston is nice.Boston Homicide Unit s Jane Rizzoli Thomas Moore lead a murder investigation in the South End with Elena Ortiz 22

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    The Surgeon is a remarkable, wonderfully well written thriller I had never read such an amazing story like this in my whole life I am serious The killer s speech feels so real While reading, I had the feeling that someone was watching me, like It s scary.So many mysteries behind every little thing of the investigation There s a moment when they induce hypno

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    Picked this one up on a whim and WOW did I enjoy it I d never read a Tess Gerritsen book before and I was hooked I can absolutely see why a TV show was made from her books THE SURGEON reads like it s made for the screen This book was fast paced, totally addictive, and also totally chilling It s a cop vs serial killer story with a twist Gerritsen applies her own backg

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    If you re just coming into the Rizzoli and Isles books, be aware that these are very different from the AMC series Dark, gruesome, and complicated, the series follows the strong Detective Jane Rizzoli through several fascinating cases Maura Isles plays a bigger role in the...

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