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The Overstory A Monumental Novel About Reimagining Our Place In The Living World By One Of Our Most Prodigiously Talented The New York Times Book Review Novelists.An Air Force Loadmaster In The Vietnam War Is Shot Out Of The Sky, Then Saved By Falling Into A Banyan An Artist Inherits A Hundred Years Of Photographic Portraits, All Of The Same Doomed American Chestnut A Hard Partying Undergraduate In The Late 1980s Electrocutes Herself, Dies, And Is Sent Back Into Life By Creatures Of Air And Light A Hearing And Speech Impaired Scientist Discovers That Trees Are Communicating With One Another These Four, And Five Other Strangers Each Summoned In Different Ways By Trees Are Brought Together In A Last And Violent Stand To Save The Continent S Few Remaining Acres Of Virgin Forest.In His Twelfth Novel, National Book Award Winner Richard Powers Delivers A Sweeping, Impassioned Novel Of Activism And Resistance That Is Also A Stunning Evocation Of And Paean To The Natural World From The Roots To The Crown And Back To The Seeds, The Overstory Unfolds In Concentric Rings Of Interlocking Fables That Range From Antebellum New York To The Late Twentieth Century Timber Wars Of The Pacific Northwest And Beyond, Exploring The Essential Conflict On This Planet The One Taking Place Between Humans And Nonhumans There Is A World Alongside Ours Vast, Slow, Interconnected, Resourceful, Magnificently Inventive, And Almost Invisible To Us This Is The Story Of A Handful Of People Who Learn How To See That World And Who Are Drawn Up Into Its Unfolding Catastrophe.The Overstory Is A Book For All Readers Who Despair Of Humanity S Self Imposed Separation From The Rest Of Creation And Who Hope For The Transformative, Regenerating Possibility Of A Homecoming If The Trees Of This Earth Could Speak, What Would They Tell Us Listen There S Something You Need To Hear.

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    Richard Powers s The Overstory soars up through the canopy of American literature and remakes the landscape of environmental fiction.Long celebrated for his compelling, cerebral books, Powers demonstrates a remarkable ability to tell dramatic, emotionally involving stories while delving into subjects man

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    Two quotes from different parts of this bookThe best arguments in the world won t change a person s mind The only thing that can do that is a good story AndYes And what do all good stories do There are no takers Neelay holds up his arms and extends his palms in the oddest gesture In another moment, leaves wil

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    The Overstory is the second Richard Powers book I have read after Plowing the Dark and although I liked this a lot , I find it equally difficult to talk about Perhaps it s simply the scope of it the cast of characters alone is vast, and if I start trying to write a summary of each of them I ll be here all day The

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    The Overstory is the first Richard Powers novel I have read but he, and indeed this book, comes highly recommended not least by my good Goodreads friend Neil and this was certainly a striking if flawed read The first part of the novel consists of 8 separate short stories ranging from 9 to 33 pages with the background a

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    A brilliant treatise on the value of trees and nature, the interconnection between all things, humans unfortunately,often as destroyers than nurturers included The structure of the novel resembles something like vast root networks coalescing into tree structures nine characters from opening stories that don t connect eventu

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    I received an ARC from WW Norton through the goodreads giveaway program.It is evident from the very first page that Powers has an agenda with his latest novel The Overstory Powers wants us to realize that we have a Midas problem Human beings have established a culture of insatiability which will ultimately lead to our own destru

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    I can t imagine how to assign a star value to this book I mean, I have no idea what 5 stars or 4 stars might signify with regards to a work like this But I feel obliged to do something This is exactly what one would expect from a Powers novel numerous passages of gorgeous writing, complexity, overflowing with ideas and allusions, int

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    I can t stop thinking about this book A sprawling literary eco epic, The Overstory is the kind of novel that changes people It s a riveting call to arms and a bitter indictment of our wasteful culture More than this, it s an incredibly human story with a huge cast of rich characters that you ll never forget Dense but accessible, Powers is

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    Provocative and powerful It gives one pause about how cavalier man is when it comes the natural world and how little we understand and appreciate the gifts offered by nature Powers relates insightful tales of how a group of passionate individual...

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    Richard Powers is fast making his way into my favourite writers of all time a permanently shifting category that at the moment includes A.S Byatt, Sarah Hall, and William Thackeray The Overstory, his latest book, is maybe his most ambitious yet it seeks, essentially, to instill in its reader a sense of sympathy and identification with trees That Po

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