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Open Your Eyes Open Your Eyes Free Author Paula Daly Wgf2011.eu From Acclaimed Novelist And Master Of Psychological Thrillers Library Journal Paula Daly, Open Your Eyes Follows A Bestselling Crime Novelist S Tragic Turn From Fictional Perpetrator Into Real Life Victim.Jane Campbell Avoids Confrontation At Any Costs Given The Choice, She Ll Always Let Her Husband, Leon A Bestselling Crime Writer Take The Lead, While She Focuses On Her Two Precious Young Children And Her Job As A Creative Writing Teacher After She Receives Another Rejection For Her Novel, Leon Urges Jane To Put Her Hobby To Rest And Why Shouldn T She, When Through Jane S Rose Tinted Glasses, They Appear To Have The Perfect House And The Perfect Life But Then Leon Is Brutally Attacked In Their Driveway While Their Children Wait Quietly In The Car, And Suddenly, Their Perfect Life Becomes The Stuff Of Nightmares Who Would Commit Such A Hateful Offense In Broad Daylight With Her Husband In A Coma, Jane Must Open Her Eyes To The Problems In Her Life, As Well As The Secrets That Have Been Kept From Her Although She Might Not Like What She Sees, If She S Committed To Discovering Who Hurt Her Husband And Why Jane Must Take Matters Into Her Own Hands.A Surprising And Gripping Thriller Of Pride, Ambition, And Envy, Open Your Eyes Is An Unsettling Whodunit About The Illusions Of A Perfect Marriage That Confirms Paula Daly As A Writer At The Forefront Of Domestic Suspense.

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    Paula Daly is a wonderful and much respected author and after thoroughly enjoying The Mistake I Made I was truly looking forward to her latest book Open Your Eyes This exceedingly clever and well thought out story has been intelligently planned and meticulously plotted to produce a hugely addictive and amazingly compelling book I was hooked and found it impossibl

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    3.75 starsLiterary wars A violent act And of course, CRAZINESSOpen Your Eyes is a riveting, entertaining psychological thriller about a semi famous author who is violently attacked with a nail gun, suffers a brain injury and loses his memory His wife, a wannabe writer, is left picking up the pieces, while at the same time trying to figure out who would try to hurt her

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    My reviews can also be seen at StarsJane is frustrated It feels like her writing career is going nowhere She has six unpublished novels and the rejection is starting to get to her Her husband, Leon, on the other hand, is a well published author He tries to reassure her, It s not your fault they don t want your work but I don t get why it has to hit you so hard every time B

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    OPEN YOUR EYES rocked my boat Did you know that some people who suffer from Traumatic Brain injuries will have increased sexual compulsive desires Did you also know that brain injuries arecommon in the UK than breast cancer Both of these things are true And both are true for Leon Campbell Jane and Leon Campbell live in Liverpool with their two young children Since coming out o

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    Jane s husband Leon, is attacked in their car with the couple s two young children in the backseat Jane finds Leon unconscious and unresponsive in the driver s seat While Leon is in a coma, Jane learns that her husband had secrets and kept many things from her This book is a psychological thriller which asks the question ho...

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    3.5 Stars rounded up Jane and Leon are married with two children Happy, of course, or at least Jane thinks so, though they fight like all couples do Leon is an uber successful crime writer while Jane is just a wannabe She tries not to be jealous of her husband s success but it s a difficult task One afternoon while getting ready to leave for his mother s house Leon gets into an argument

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    We re all in some kind of recovery.Picking up the shattered pieces after the boot heel of life grinds us down into almost unrecognizable grit Kinda separates us from those who will survive another round and those who will not.It s Leon s birthday and the car is packed with little Martha and Jack in the back seat Jane, his wife, swallows down the unsettling thought of another celebration at Le

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    3.5A tasty baked potato but missing the toppingsI liked this domestic thriller about a husband getting shot in the head with a nail gun, and a wife who is determined to find out what happened, but I know I won t remember it Well, maybe I will remember the nail gun, since it s not the usual weapon you d grab to knock somebody off Don t worry, that wasn t a spoiler you hear about the nail gun right

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    4 enthusiastic starsOk, this book definitely kept my attention I ve been in a bit of a reading slump, but fortunately have found a few decent mysteries recently to keep me interested in reading Open Your Eyes is definitely one of them It s the second book I ve read by Paula Daly and by far my favourite Jane lives in Liverpool with her husband and two young children One day, her life is turned upside do

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    Jane and Leon are married with two children Jane appears to think that they re a happy couple despite minor fights that all married couples have.Leon is a successful writer while Jane is trying to start her writing career Yikes. how hard would this be having your hubby be successful and you failing at the same career Before we know it, Leon lands himself in the hospital and is in a coma He thankfully awaken

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