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The Ingredients of Us From Debut Author Jennifer Gold Comes A Delicious Novel About The Sweet And Sour Ingredients Of Life And Love Elle, An Accomplished Baker, Has A Recipe For Every Event In Her Life But When She Discovers Her Husband S Infidelity, She Doesn T Know What To Make Of It Jam, Maybe Definitely Jam.Fed Up With The Stale Crumbs Of Her Marriage, Elle Revisits Past Recipes And The Events That Inspired Them A Recipe For Scones Reminds Her Of Her Father S Death, Cinnamon Rolls Signify The Problematic Courtship With Her Husband, And A Batch Of Chocolate Cookies Casts Elle In A Less Than Flattering Light Looking Back, Elle Soon Realizes That Some Ingredients Were Missing All Along.After Confronting Her Husband, Elle Indulges Her Sweet Tooth In Other Ways, Including A Rebound That Just Leaves Her Confused As Secrets From The Past Collide With The Conflicts Of The Present, Elle Struggles To Manage Her Bakery Business And Maintain The Relationships Most Important To Her In Piecing Her Life Back Together, Will Elle Learn To Take The Bitter With The Sweet

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    All the ingredients of a sweet read Elle is a well known baker, and all her best memories are tied to food We meet her as she finds out her husband is cheating, which understandably rocks her world Elle can look at a recipe for scones and connect it to a memory about her father s death She can bake cinnamon rolls and think of when she first dated her hu

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    Dear Readers, I am so thrilled to share my debut novel with you The idea for this book came out of my time as a baker While I was in college, I worked part time in a caf making pastries, cookies, cakes the whole nine While the job was much less technical than what you might see on the Great British Baking Show, I came away from the experience with a zill

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    I think we ve all read books where a woman discovers her husband has been unfaithful but Gold was able to put her own spin on the premise with this one This jumps from the time period after Elle discovers his betrayal to when they first met and also the years in between The chapters are fairly short and it does jump around time wise quite a bit, but it wa

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    That cover is delish The Ingredients of Us is a yummy novel about infidelity, insecurities and being yourself With an added bonus, non traditional recipes are sprinkled throughout the book which mirror events or emotions in Elle s life The timeline might bother some as it skips from present to past in chapters labeled Four months before Ell...

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    Linda s Book Obsession Reviews The Ingredients of Us by Jennifer Gold, Lake Union Publishing, July 1, 2019Jennifer Gold, Author of The Ingredients of Us has written a delicious, delightful, entertaining, and emotional novel In addition to the novel are the most amazing recipes for desserts of all kinds The Genres for this novel are Domestic Fiction, Women s

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    The Ingredients of Us, a debut from Jennifer Gold turned out a huge hit for me It s heavier and profound than I had judged from its cover and the blurb, but I realized this is exactly what I had been looking for gripping, emotional, and a bitter read rather than being all light and fluffy I enjoyed this women s fiction tremendously I honestly don t know whe

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    The Ingredients of UsJennifer GoldThis impressive debut novel by Jennifer Gold blends together exquisite writing with a delectable plot The insightful and honest character development is complimented by the luscious descriptions of her bakery delights The author bri...

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    Read or bake That was my dilemma in reading this yummy book The story of Elle and Tom and their marriage is told as before and after These were well written characters a surrounded by these delicious recipes A great book by this author who will forever be on my TBR list.

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    This book started out making me cry and I pretty much cried all the way through As much as I truly hate cheating in a marriage I started feeling bad for Tom I felt super bad for Elle, but I just felt like Tom got lost There were things he wanted so bad yet could never seem to have Family being one and the most important one for him Elle loves Tom even than bak

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    Elle owns a successful bakery, but her marriage is on the rocks after she discovers husband, Tom, has been cheating on her The story alternates between before and after the affair so that the reader gets a taste of how Elle and Tom met and what their relationship was like before the split Will they be able to reconcile Just like a recipe, how will their lives ne

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