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Devil Bones (Temperance Brennan, #11) An Underground Chamber Is Exposed In A Seedy, Dilapidated House With Sagging Trim And Peeling Paint When A Careless Plumber Accidentally Knocks Through A Wall, He Is Horrified By What He Uncovers Called To The Scene Is Forensic Anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan Fighting Her Claustrophobia, And The Unmistakeable Sweet, Fetid Odour Of Rotting Flesh, Tempe Descends The Precariously Steep, Makeshift Wooden Steps What Awaits Her Below Is A Ritualistic Display Slain Chickens And A Goat And A Skull, Ghostly Pale, Rests On A Pedestal, The Lower Jaw Missing, The Empty Orbits Starring Back At Her The Forehead Is Darkened By An Irregular Stain The Exact Red Brown Of Dried Blood, And Lined With Remnants Of Desiccated Tissue Two Cauldrons Stand Nearby, Beads And Antlers Suspended Overhead Age, Race And Sex Indicators Confirm The Skull As That Of A Young, Black Female But How Did She Die, And When Then, Just As Tempe Is Working To Determine The Post Mortem Interval, Another Body Is Uncovered The Corpse Is Headless, The Torso Is Carved With Satanic Symbols Could There Be A Connection Must Tempe Face The Sickening Possibility That Devil Worshippers Are Sacrificing Human Victims

About the Author: Kathy Reichs

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Devil Bones (Temperance Brennan, #11) book, this is one of the most wanted Kathy Reichs author readers around the world.

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    i feel an obligation to read all of her books because i started with the first one when it came out a million years ago i recall the first ones to be pretty good this is the 11th brennan novel, and it annoyed me to no end primarily the foreshadowing she uses at t

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    The books in Kathy Reichs Bones series are either really, really good or merely decent, and this newest installment fell into the latter category I think my level of enjoyment depends on how interested I am in the murder mystery.I was annoyed with the level of catch up Re

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    Kathy Reichs joins the ranks of so many writers who feel compelled to produce a book every year and end up producing crap I used to so enjoy her books but she has gone downhill fast and this might be the last one that I read.Devil Bones only saving grace was that it was quick to r

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    So, I haven t had much time for reading this summer, and that makes this book that muchof a disappointment I picked this book up in the airport after finishing my last book, which was fantastic I wish I hadn t wasted my precious reading minutes on this book Harsh, I know But and I realize

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    This is my first book by this author and my first book in the Temperance Brennan series So why I started with book 11, I don t know The MC is a forensic scientist and I m not sure how I feel about all the little details that go along with the science part of that job It was a little too much for me

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    This was my first Kathy Reichs novel and I have just one thing to say I m hooked The plot was engaging it kept me turning pages and made it very hard for me to put the book down Temperance Brennan is a very fascinating character I look forward to readingabout her A highly recommended read

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    This is the weakest book of this series so far I was not at all interested in the case itself, and a lot of the personal details of Tempe s life that usually keep me interested when I m not hooked by the mystery were lacking in the first part of the book I also felt that Tempe behaved out of character quite a bit Th

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    Okay, so I m officially moving on from free books picked up at book exchanges and sticking with books in genres I know I like But the thing is, I thought I would like this one I like mysteries, I like medical thrillers This book seemed like it would be an awesome combination of both It s not that it s not enough like the sho

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    Why am I compelled to continue reading this series There was absolutely nothing interesting or different about this book yes, Ms Brennan s panties had their own scene, she rolled her eyes a lot, and her relationship so called continues to go nowhere The whole heroin addicted long lost daughter plot thread just turns my stomach, by th

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