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The Great Raid Before General Douglas MacArthur Could Fulfill His Stirring Promise Of I Shall Return And Re Take The Philippines From Japanese Control, A Remarkable Rescue Mission Would Have To Take Place Captured American Soldiers Had Been Held At The Notorious Cabanatuan Prison Camp For Than 33 Months Emaciated And Ill From Brutal Mistreatment, A Mere 511 POWs Remained From The 25,000 Strong Force That MacArthur Had Been Ordered To Abandon On February 23, 1942.On The Morning Of January 28, 1945, A Small Band Of Army Rangers Set Out On An Audacious And Daring Rescue Effort To Penetrate 30 Miles Into Japanese Controlled Territory, Storm The Camp, And Escape With The POWs, Carrying Them If Necessary.William B Breuer Recounts In Searing, Meticulous Detailbased Largely On Interviews With Survivorsthe Hellish Battles Of Bataan And Corregidor The Horrors Of The Bataan Death March And The Harrowing Efforts Of Guerilla Fighters A Classic Of Its Kind, The Great Raid Tells The Full Story Of This Episode With A Breadth And Depth Of Detail That Goes Far Beyond Other Accounts Including Hampton Sides S Best Selling Ghost Soldiers The Great Raid Is A Thrilling True Life Adventure Story And An Inspiring Testament O American Heroism And Grit And As Retired Four Star General Barry McCaffrey Asserts In His Introduction, The Great Raid Is An Important Book For Our Current Military And Political Leaders To Read.

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    Although not as amazing as Band of Brothers Stephen Ambrose , this book still has its own greatness Yes, I think one or two years ago, there was a movie released that was based on this book there s Benjamin Bratt, Joseph Fiennes in it , but the movie really sucked.Anyway, this is compulsory for all you military h

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    A detailed and well documented account of events leading up to the mission and of te rescue I always learn so much about our history from reading accounts such as this one I gave it four stars because it is a little dry and fill...

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    The Great Raid, based on books by William Breuer and Hampton SidesThis film has a promising tagline and a few superlatives for the real story on which the screenplay is based the most daring rescue mission of our time , after the worst defeat in the history of American interventions and a cast with appreciated actors and a few very

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    One of my great grandfather s was rescued in the raid on Cabanatuan I never got the chance to meet him, but through this book I learned a lot about the character of the men who fought to save him and hundreds of other mistreated, starved, abused POWs From the Alamo Scouts to the Army Rangers to the Philippine Guerrillas, each and every man an

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    Interesting book

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    This book had special meaning as an aunt was held as a civilian POW at Bilbao prison with survivors of the death march.

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    If you are a fan of military history read this book This true story is about the greatest generation s bravery, ingenuity, and courage in the rescuing of POW s held captive in the Philippines during World War II The way in which the rescue operation was organized and executed is still used as the model for current special forces teams around the world Not only does this b

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    What an amazing story, what happened to Americans and Filipinos during WW2 at the hands of the Japanese is truly horrifying, and something that should bewell taught in school history classes From the downfall of the Phillipines as the Japanese overtook it, to the resistance tactics and horrendous conditions of those suffering in POW camps or rounded up by the Japanese police, to th

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    This book is based upon the true events of one of the worst moments in military history There are parts of this book that are quite disturbing and graphic, so if you cannot handle something like that then I suggest that you do not read this book However it is an amazing story to read It is simply an amazing story in itself Breuer did an excellent job of capturing the emotions and the impact

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    The fighting on Luzon in the Philippines from a slightly different perspective from Tears in the Darkness TitD It does represent a much kinder view of Gerneral MacArthur It also describes the establishment of the Army Rangers and Alamo...

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