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Fall of Giants (The Century Trilogy, #1) Fall Of Giants The Century Trilogy, 1 Books Author Ken Follett Vinoschilenos.eu This Is An Epic Of Love, Hatred, War And Revolution This Is A Huge Novel That Follows Five Families Through The World Shaking Dramas Of The First World War, The Russian Revolution, And The Struggle For Votes For Women It Is 1911 The Coronation Day Of King George V The Williams, A Welsh Coal Mining Family Is Linked By Romance And Enmity To The Fitzherberts, Aristocratic Coal Mine Owners Lady Maud Fitzherbert Falls In Love With Walter Von Ulrich, A Spy At The German Embassy In London Their Destiny Is Entangled With That Of An Ambitious Young Aide To U.S President Woodrow Wilson And To Two Orphaned Russian Brothers, Whose Plans To Emigrate To America Fall Foul Of War, Conscription And Revolution In A Plot Of Unfolding Drama And Intriguing Complexity, Fall Of Giants Moves Seamlessly From Washington To St Petersburg, From The Dirt And Danger Of A Coal Mine To The Glittering Chandeliers Of A Palace, From The Corridors Of Power To The Bedrooms Of The Mighty.

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    It s a little disappointing that people are rating this book onout of protest of its price It s low rating does not give the book the recognition it deserves This is my first Ken Follett novel, and I am hooked I ve read where some people have not been that interested in the subject matter of Fall of Giants and prefer the Middle Ages I m fascinated with 20th Century history,

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    ., , , , And I have to admit that I only got this box set as a deal price onjust cause it s looks pretty elegant, and I m a collector as you may know.1918 2011 1911. 1914 1918 1924 900 The Casual Vacancy , The Luminaries Mass Market Paperback The ...

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    One of the early reviews I read stated that this book lacked one of Follett s infamous villains I disagree The ultimate villain in this enormous book is clearly war and perhaps the arrogance of world leaders I ve always had a difficult time understanding the why surrounding World War 1 and this book helps put it in perspective even if it is fiction I remember learning in history cla

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    Do not say that I don t like historical fiction because I do Do not even say I don t like Follett because I rather do In fact, this highly praised and very thick volume I d been anticipating eagerly, both because I had pleasant memories from The Pillars of the Earth and because currently I am rather WWI mad I read Tuchman s classic works, Maddox Ford, not to mention Hemingway and Remarq

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    This book is utter trash Is that too harsh Let me rephrase This book is a steaming pile of garbage Still a bit mean It doesn t matter Ken Follett does not care His editor and publisher do not care His accountant certainly is indifferent to this complaint It s not that Ken Follett is critic proof, because that implies that he achieves astronomical sales figures despite scathing reviews That

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    The story was enjoyable enough and certainly kept me entertained for a couple of days The recreation of the early 20th Century was very vivid, and I was impressed by how well Follett applied his considerable skills in this respect to a variety of nations and social classes To cover so many years in any decent amount of depth was a great challenge, to which Follett rises well The story was fast

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    Ken Follet s style quickly engrossed me into the characters and their lives The book follows the lives of several families in the events that led up to the First World War and the crisis afterwards We see it from the perspective of an English Noblemen, an English working class family, a pair of Russian brothers, a German with strong prospects in government and an undersecretary working for the Wils

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    5.0 out of 5 stars Captivating epic tale , August 5, 2010 This review is from Fall of Giants The Century Trilogy Hardcover Customer review from theVine Program What s this This is a fantastic epic, the first in a planned trilogy by the author of The Pillars of the Earth now a miniseries and World Without End I simply raced through the pages, unable to put this book down even though it was a hefty nearl

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    At 985 pages, Fall of the Giants is a massive tome and the first book in The Century Trilogy, follows the fates of five interrelated families American, German, Russian, English, and Welsh as they move through the world shaking dramas of the First World War, the Russian Revolution, and the struggle for women s suffrage.These characters find their lives inextricably entangled in a saga of unfolding drama and

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    I have loved just about everything Ken Follett has written, but I think this one fell short of his usual standard Most of his novels grab you from the beginning, with fully drawn characters and gripping plot lines I wasn t even done with the second chapter before I began to wonder if I was even going to like this I think he may have tried to accomplish too much with this story There were so many characters wit

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About the Author: Ken Follett

Ken Follett is one of the world s most successful authors Over 160 million copies of the 31 books he has written have been sold in over 80 countries and in 33 languages.Born on June 5, 1949, in Cardiff, Wales, the son of a tax inspector, Ken was educated at state schools and went on to graduate from University College, London, with an Honours degree in philosophy He was made a fellow of the coll Ken Follett is one of the world s most successful authors Over 160 million copies of the 31 books he has written have been sold in over 80 countries and in 33 languages.Born on June 5, 1949, in Cardiff, Wales, the son of a tax inspector, Ken was educated at state schools and went on to graduate from University College, London, with an Honours degree in philosophy He was made a fellow of the college in 1995.He started his career as a reporter, first with his hometown newspaper, the South Wales Echo, and then with the London Evening News Subsequently, he worked for a small London publishing house, Everest Books, eventually becoming the deputy managing director.Ken s last project, the Century Trilogy, has sold 19.5 million copies worldwide The three books tell the story of the twentieth century through five generations on three continents Ken s first major success came with the publication of Eye of the Needle in 1978 A World War II thriller set in England, this book earned him the 1979 Edgar Award for Best Novel from the Mystery Writers of America It remains one of his most popular books.In 1989, Ken s epic novel about the building of a medieval cathedral, The Pillars of the Earth, was published It reached number one on bestseller lists everywhere and was turned into a major television series produced by Ridley Scott, which aired in 2010 The next book in the Kingsbridge series, World Without End, the sequel to The Pillars of the Earth, proved equally popular when it was published in 2007 The Kingsbridge series has sold 38 million copies worldwide.Ken has been active in numerous literacy charities and was the president of Dyslexia Action for ten years He was the chair of the National Year of Reading, a joint initiative between government and businesses He is also active in many Stevenage charities and is the president of the Stevenage Community Trust Ken also set up The Follett Trust, which awards single donations to the arts and in cases of social deprivation and education.Ken, who loves music almost as much as he loves books, is an enthusiastic bass guitar player in two bands He lives in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, with his wife, Barbara, the former Labour member of Parliament for Stevenage Between them they have five children, six grandchildren, and three Labradors