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The Blaft Anthology of Tamil Pulp Fiction Fiction South Asia Studies Selected And Translated From The Tamil By Pritham Chakravarthy Edited By Rakesh Khanna The Follow Up To S Successful First Collection Featuring Stories By Indra Soundar Rajan, Medhavi, Jeyaraj, Pushpa Thangadorai, Rajesh Kumar, Indumathi, MKNarayanan, And Resakee A Young Woman S Fascination With Blue Films Leads To A Bizarre Murder A Bloodline Of Debauched Maharajas Falls Prey To An Evil Curse A Beautiful Girl Uses Karate To Retrieve A Stolen Idol Seven Thrilling Tales From Seven Indian And Singaporean Masters Of Action, Suspense, And HorrorContents The Palace Of Kottaipuram By Indra Soundar RajanHighway By Jeyaraj Pushpa ThangadoraiThe Hidden Hoard In The Cryptic Chamber By MedhaviHold On A Minute, I M In The Middle Of A Murder By IndumathiThe Bungalow By The River By MK NarayananHello, Dead Morning By Rajesh KumarSacrilege To Love By Resakee

10 thoughts on “The Blaft Anthology of Tamil Pulp Fiction

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    It was only natural that I would return to this series A year or so ago, I read the first installment and liked the brainless entertainment it offered The reading is effortless, the lines chees

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    From my blog this second volume of Blaft s Tamil Pulp Fiction anthology, the editors have chosen to translate full length novels and novellas from a variety of authors, including one from Singapore Where

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    This was a reward for a kickstarter although maybe not from that particular website for volume three as was volume one, but there s no sign of it yet I m still not convinced kickstarters crowd funding, that is are

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    Very readable stories All are thrilling It includes a comic book also.The stories involve ghosts, murders, thieves, etc all in a very interesting manner.After reading the stories you come to the conclusion that thought peop

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    Complete time pass Read it when you need to be entertained without having to expend much thought.

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    Tamil fiction, thrilling to core as usual

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    I read most of the book except 2 stories The stories in this volume were a little less interesting than the previous anthology But the first one was really good.

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    I really enjoyed most of the stories Different way of writing and fast developing story lines Despite all the tragedies it us funny as well.

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    Just finished reading the first novella, The Palace of Kottaipuram this is so entertaining Thoroughly enjoyable fare, when you just need to escape from the dreariness of life and serious reading Highly recommended for those who love this genre

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    I loved the first set of stories I pretty much right away bought this book I loved this set of stories too Though this collection has way horror stories which I personally love and less of a mixed bag than the first anthology I enjoyed the stories, even though some of them were fai

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