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Monday Mourning (Temperance Brennan, #7) Three Skeletons Are Found In A Montreal Basement.The Building Is Old, And The Homicide Detective In Charge Dismisses The Remains As Historic Not His Case Not His Concern.Forensic Anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan Is Not So Sure Something About The Bones Of These Three Young Women Suggests A Different Message Murder.Soon She Finds Herself Drawn Ever Deeper Into A Web Of Evil From Which There May Be No Escape Three Women Have Disappeared, Never To Return Will Tempe Be Next

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    I have read all of Kathy Reichs s offerings since her first book, Deja Dead was published in 1997 I have to ask myself why.I don t particularly like Temperance Brennan, Kathy Reichs forensic heroine I don t like the settings of her novels, and even though I speak French, I don t like it when her characters do Kathy Reichs has ex

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    Maybe best yet in unusual skeleton doc series This is the seventh novel in the successful and best selling Tempe Brennon, board certified forensic pathologist, series Tempe is an exact replica of author Dr Reichs in real life same job, same education and background, and same dividing her time between two job settings one in Montreal she s

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    . 14 141955Bones

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    Perhaps one of the very few mystery series that I don t necessarily read in chronological order.The seventh installment takes place in Montreal, Quebec in early December as Temperance Brennan works alongside detectives Claudel and Charbonneau to solve a mystery as to why the basement of a pizza parlour has skeletal remains.There s plenty of the usual angst i

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    I always enjoy the Temperance Brennan novels, but I tend to favor the ones set outside of Canada Monday Mourning ended up being the exception I loved the mystery and the back and forth during the investigation between Tempe and Claudel Kathy Reichs has a way of dumbing down the science so readers can firmly grasp the concepts presented and that was highly effective in

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    Tempe has just suffered her seventh traumatic brain injury to date and i know the story will devolve into the usual formulaic ending so I don t really have to keep reading from here do I I am surprised she is not a shambling, drooling amnesiac, she s been hit in the head so much As always, I found the first 85% or so of this novel to be pretty interesting but I am getting annoy

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    In a horrendous regression from her recent work in the series, Kathy Reichs reverts back to her procedural roots in a story that is obvious, unsurprising, and, frankly, just unentertaining.Three sets of bones are found in the basement of a pizza parlour it s Quebecois, with a u and they turn out to belong to missing girls What these girls have fallen into isn t terribly surprising, nor i

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    As the first Temperance Brennan book I ve read and most likely the last , I d say this is better than okay, except for the see it coming from a mile away ending and several bouts of especially bad writing I don t mean grammatical errors, but the kind of poor diction you can t describe or predict, only recognize A couple of my favorite examples page 3 I watched Claudel s perfectly fitted buttocks d

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    Well, the science was good As usual it was thoroughly researched and I learned something new, about Carbon dating But, I can t help feeling the storyline just gets formulaic Got news about boyfriend seeing other woman, instead of asking she just keep quiet Then towards the end, of course she had to go to the house without telling anyone I mean, come on, this works on book 1 or 2 but by book 7 you think she

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